Hongik WIFI

How to Use WiFi Service

Hongik WIFI Service has enhanced wireless network security by adopting authentication and encryption to protect user’s information. Also, with wireless LAN with 802.11n protocol, the cutting edge wireless Internet technology, current a, b, g users can also use the WiFi service. If using a terminal with built-in wireless LAN card, one can get support for optimum speed

Where WIFI Service is AvailableAvailable place

Seoul Campus, Sejong Campus, Daehak-ro Campus

How to Set Up

MS Windows OS access method and program: Program [download], setting manual [PDF]

Android OS WIFI access method: Setting manual [PDF]

IOS OS(IPhone, iPad, iPod) setting method: Setting manual [PDF]

For MAC OS, see the use method below: Setting manual [PDF]

Department in charge

Department name: Info-communication center

Location: Building Q No. 906

Telephone: +82-2-320-1405~6


In accordance with the Protection of Information and Communications Infrastructure Act, the service will be stopped without notice if a person commits an unlawful act (disruption, infringement of information networks, etc.)

Access is available on MS Windows 2000 or higher due to security authentication and encryption processes by IEEE 802.1x.