Foreign Visiting Students


Overseas university-enrolled students registering and studying at Hongik University for more than 1 semester (up to 2 years) to accumulate credits. Such a system is limited to those who have completed more than 2 semesters at their original universities.

Documents to be submitted

Application for visitation

Letter of recommendation by Professor

Cover letter & study plan

Academic grade transcript

Portfolio (limited to fine art/architecture college)

Registration application fee (100,000KRW, non-refundable)

A copy of passport identification page

Application Deadline

Fall Semester Applicant : 31st May

Spring Semester Applicant : 30th November of the Previous Year

※ Application can only be submitted through mail or direct visit (no email applications)

Registration & Course

Students accepted as “visiting students” of the university who are eligible to enroll, will be able to take courses of interest (requires approval of the professor in charge) up to 18 credits per semester, and must pay the tuition fee according to the number of credits applied for.

Tuition Fee

Engineering & Art : 4,492,000KRW per semester

Humanities/Social Science : 3,424,000KRW per semester

※ Differential tuition payment is applicable to the number of credits applied for (10 credits~: full payment, 7~9 credits : 1/2 of the tuition fee, 4~6 credits: 1/3 of the tuition fee, and 1~3 credits : 1/6 of the tuition fee



Double Occupancy : 900,000KRW per 6 months (food costs not included)

Visiting students with Korean nationality are responsible for finding their own off campus accommodation

For more specific information, please visit the official website of the international exchange PR center (