Tuition & Scholarship

1. Tuition & Fees per Semester

Campus Field of Study Tuition fee(including admission fee)
Seoul Humanities 4,450,000 KRW
Sciences/Arts 5,518,000 KRW
Sejong Humanities 4,446,000 KRW
Sciences/Arts 5,516,000 KRW

2. Scholarships


Hongik University runs diverse scholarship programs for students who excel academically and also for low-income family students. The university also provides Hongik global scholarship grants to encourage studies undertaken by foreign students.

Facts and statistics (as of 2014)

Highest scholarship/tuition rate among private universities in Seoul : 27.79%

Average scholarship per undergraduate student : 3.6million KRW per year

Types of scholarship

1) University scholarship (28 categories)

2) Connection to private funding sources and related scholarships (over 70 categories)

3) Hongik Global Scholarship

Foreign students whereby both parents are foreigners will be awarded the Hongik Global Scholarship as follows :

First semester : 900,000 KRW is awarded to all students excluding students enrolled in the College of Architecture and the College of Fine Arts

From the second semester : A partial tuition fee will be awarded to students depending on the GPA of the previous semester (including students in the College of Architecture and the College of Fine Arts) who have acquired more than or equal to 12 units.

GPA of the previous Semester Percentage of Scholarship
4.0 or higher 100% of Tuition
3.5 or higher but less than 4.0 80% of Tuition
3.0 or higher but less than 3.5 60% of Tuition
2.5 or higher but less than 3.0 40% of Tuition
2.0 or higher but less than 2.5 1,200,000 KRW