Hongik Multi-Campus

Hongik University’s locations are organically connected through a cooperative network, consisting of the attractive Seoul Campus in the busy capital, Sejong Campus located in the new city of Sejong, Daehakro Campus consisting of the Cultural Arts Graduate School and academic-industrial collaboration facilities, and Hwaseong Campus practicum site situated in a lush forest environment.

Seoul Campus

Seoul campus is located at the center of a distinctive entertainment culture where many young artists gather. Due to this, various unique art events, street performances and festivals are some of the joyful and energetic charms of Hongik University. Seoul campus strives for a green zone in the city, and is consistently making developments to create a futuristic campus leading in knowledge and culture.

Sejong Campus

Located in the new city of Sejong, Sejong campus boasts a 13 million m2 vast eco-friendly site. Sejong Campus provides one of the biggest film/animation studios in the central district of Korea, and also a modern sports center, and the Hongik Art hall.

Daehakro Campus

The Daehakro campus is located at the entrance of Daehakro, one of Korea’s most famous streets for mainstream Korean culture and art. The design center at the Daehakro campus is 57,105 square meters in area (with six basement levels and fifteen above ground levels), and features an environmentally friendly landscape, as well as world-class leading research facilities designed to blend in with nearby cultural landmarks. Housed within the design center are a variety of facilities including : IDAS (International Design School for Advanced Studies), DIC (Design Innovation Center), IDTC (International Design Trend Center), SIDP (Seoul International Design Plaza), SDC (Seoul Design Center), exhibit halls, a design library, research rooms for design companies (local and internationale), a performing arts hall seating 600, and various welfare facilities which make the center a hub for many design activities related to policy-making, contests, exhibitions, and international events in the design field.

Hwaseong Campus

The nature friendly Hwaseong Techno-Art campus is located in Hwaseong City, Kyunggi province. The campus has a variety of facilities, including hydraulic laboratories (belonging to the Civil Engineering Department), a practical craft-space for the Art College, a space for oriental and western paintings, a training field for the athletics, and an art education center for local residents. The Hwaseong campus aims to promote a meaningful balance between the local community and the university, through the promotion of various art amenities, and by providing a campus space that adds to the local cultural-tourism belt and its nearby historic sites.