International Language Institute

Objective & Status

It was initially established in 1997 as Foreign Language Institute and was expanded in 2002 as International Language Institute. Programs related to diverse foreign language education are provided to undergraduate/graduate students.

Curriculum Information(Language Course)

Course Details Schedule Others

Korean curriculum for foreigners

6 stages
(elementary level:1, 2 /
intermediate level:3, 4 /
advanced level:5, 6)
AM 9:00-12:50

held over 4 semesters per year (spring,summer,fall and winter)

10 weeks per semester, 5 lectures per week(monday~friday)

1~2 cultural experience classes per semester

TOPIK Program

TOPIKā…” Exam Study Course PM 2:30-4:30

4 semesters per year

32 hours per semester

only for Hongik students

Curriculum Information

Curriculum Details Hours Others

Regular English Conversation

Basic/intermediate English conversation


During summer/winter vacation

Focused English Course

100 hours of basic/intermediate English conversation


During summer/winter vacation

Intensive Chinese Character Course

To prepare for government-authorized exam level 2


Year round

Customized Language Lecture

To provide students with diverse foreign language lectures in addition to English lectures according to the need


Year round

Replacement Lecture for Graduate School Foreign Language Test



4 terms per year


To prepare for TOEIC/TOEIC Speaking/TOEFL


4 terms per year

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O Korean Language Education Center

Website :

Contact : +82-2-320-1372, 2371(Chinese) / +82-2-320-1373(English/Japanese)

O Foreign Language Education Center

Website :

Contact : +82-2-320-2380~2